Bank Cards

visa check card

  • Gives you fast and secure access to your checking account funds without writing a check
  • Accepted at any VISA terminal worldwide
  • More readily accepted than checks at numerous locations
  • Provides you cash access worldwide
  • Deposit or withdraw from your checking or savings account
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts
  • Obtain account balances

***If your CheckCard or ATM Card is lost or stolen, please contact Maquoketa State Bank Main Bank Office at 563-652-2491 or after bank hours 1-800-236-2442.


  • Deposit or Withdraw From Your Checking or Savings Account
  • Transfer Funds Between Your Checking and Savings Account
  • Obtain Account Balances


Maquoketa State Bank offers a variety of Visa credit cards:

  • Visa Bonus Rewards and Bonus Rewards PLUS Cards
  • Visa Platinum Card
  • Visa College Rewards Card
  • Visa Secured Card

Click here to apply on-line for a Visa Credit Card.


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